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When medical treatments fail, surgical procedures can break the cycle of illness. The Oklahoma Sinus Center offers both traditional forms of sinus surgery as well as in-office minimally invasive procedures. Let us help you design a plan that is tailored to your specific health needs.
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How can sinus surgery help me?

Sinus are hollow spaces in our facial bones. These spaces drain through small passageways, allowing mucous to flow from the sinus into the nasal passage. When these small sinus drainage pathways become obstructed, bacterial infection can begin.  Bacteria quickly build up in the obstructed sinus, often leading to facial pain, fever, fatigue, pressure, and the various symptoms of infection. Antibiotics may be helpful, but when the symptoms fail to respond, surgery can provide immediate and lasting relief.

When to consider surgery

When symptoms persist despite your best efforts, when medical therapy fails to restore health, when symptoms continue to relapse across multiple seasons, surgery can be an important consideration. All individuals should try a conservative approach with medical therapy.  For those that fail to find benefit with medications, surgery can provide lasting relief even with in-office procedures.

You and your surgeon may consider various surgical procedures, each offering distinct benefit for your symptoms:

  • Surgery for nasal obstruction
  • Surgery for nasal obstruction
  • Traditional sinus surgery
  • Balloon Sinus dilation procedures
  • In-office balloon nasal and sinus dilation

Traditional Procedures versus In-Office Procedures

Traditional sinus surgery, called Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) has been helping patient for decades, to manage chronic sinus infections and persistent illness. While this approach to surgery has a very successful track record, the procedure requires general anesthesia and may lead to an extended recovery. New innovations in technology have allowed for less invasive procedures, many of which can now be performed in-office. These in-office procedures, such as balloon sinuplasty, have not replaced traditional techniques like FESS, but have opened the doorway for individuals to consider less aggressive procedures that may restore health and wellness permanently.

Watch this informative Balloon Sinuplasty video to better help understand this minimally invasive procedure:

When thinking of your surgical options, you may want to consider:

Traditional Sinus Surgery (FESS)
  • Hospital based
  • General anesthesia
  • Standard surgical costs
  • Standard procedural time
  • Procedure removes bone and tissue
  • Standard postoperative discomfort
  • Standard recovery
Minimally Invasive Balloon Sinuplasty
  • Office based
  • Local and topical anesthesia
  • Lower surgical costs
  • Shorter procedural times
  • Procedure gently reshapes sinus drainage pathways
  • Less pain, faster return to activity
  • Faster recovery with fewer postoperative visits

What should you expect

Traditional sinus surgery requires general anesthesia. Preparation for anesthesia is usually very simple, but may require a visit with your primary care physician. Surgery may last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the severity of your illness.  Almost all individuals will return to home on the day of their surgery, admission to the hospital is unlikely. Minimally invasive, in-office procedures often require much less preparation, and lead to a much faster recovery. Use this link to learn about your options for minimally invasive balloon sinus dilation procedures.


Recovery can vary, depending on the type of surgery that you have selected. More traditional types of surgery can lead to an extended recovery. Balloon sinus dilation may lead to a recovery lasting one or two days, and minimal restriction in activity. Talk with your surgeon about the expectations for time off of work, follow up visit, and any restrictions from activity.

Are you considering surgical treatment options for sinus issues?

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