Pediatric Sinus Surgery


The aim of treatment for children is to always avoid procedures and surgery, unless all other options fail. The Oklahoma Sinus Center embraces that approach.

Our commitment to managing pediatric illness without surgery is a foundational commitment. We take pride in our success with medical management, but some children will need surgical management. When surgery becomes the focus, our conservative commitment still guides the way.

Oklahoma Sinus Center

Which surgeries can help my child

Children often suffer from chronic nasal obstruction, snoring, and recurrent sinus infections. Many young individuals have had accidents while playing, injuries on the sports field, and are left with long term nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing. Other children struggle with allergy and nasal congestion, eventually leading to patterns of chronic infection and illness.

Sinus procedures that commonly help children and young adults may include:

  • Nasal turbinate reduction
  • Nasal septal deviation repair
  • Minimally invasive balloon dilation of the nasal and sinus passages
  • Traditional sinus surgery, tailored for pediatric patients

What should you expect

Traditional and minimally invasive sinus procedures for young patients will mostly require general anesthesia. Preparation for anesthesia is usually very simple, and sinus procedures for children are usually very brief. Individuals can return to home on the day of their surgery, after a very brief recovery. Make sure to discuss activity restrictions with your surgeon, especially if your child is active in athletics.

Learn more about your options

Use the following links to explore various options that may help relieve your child’s symptoms:

Are you considering surgical treatment options for pediatric sinus issues?

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