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Adult Sinus Surgery

Oklahoma Sinus Center offers both traditional and minimally-invasive approaches to sinus surgery. Sinus procedures often accompany medical treatments for sinusitis, and facilitate improvement in symptoms by opening the nose and sinuses to relieve obstruction. A variety of procedures may be helpful, each tailored to your needs and specific sinus problem.

Nasal Obstruction Surgery

With both traditional and minimally-invasive surgical options, we are able to confidently offer a solution to those who suffer from nasal congestion and obstruction. For those who do not respond to medical management, let us help you learn about these surgical options. Relief is usually immediate and long-lasting for those who choose this approach..

Oklahoma Sinus Center | Nasal Obstruction Surgery
Oklahoma Sinus Center | Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery

Balloon Sinuplasty

Modern advances in medicine have revolutionized how we approach sinus surgery. Over the past 10 years, balloon sinus procedures have been used to treat many sinus conditions, limit patient discomfort, and improve healing. Many balloon sinus procedures can be performed in-office, without general anesthesia. There are many options for the sinus symptoms you suffer.

Pediatric Sinus Surgery

Children may benefit from sinus procedures, just like adults. When sinus symptoms become chronic, and all traditional medical treatments fail, conservative procedures can be a solution. The Oklahoma Sinus Center can help you understand these conservative options.

Oklahoma Sinus Center | Pediatric Sinus Surgery
Oklahoma Sinus Center | Eustachian Tube Surgery

Adult & Pediatric Eustachian Tubes

Oklahoma Sinus Center provides comprehensive and innovative surgical treatment options to help resolve eustachian tube disorders. When medical therapy fails or symptoms recur, in-office balloon procedures, and other traditional techniques, are often effective in managing these problems.

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